Design Conscious Appliances that Will Match your Living Room Interior Design

It’s very useful to have some devices in your house that give you control over the air’s the level of humidity. If you live in a geographic area with damp weather, for example somewhere where it rains a lot, at the seashore, or near the ocean, then you’ve probably heard about people who managed to control the problem of the excess of humidity in their house with the help of their dehumidifiers. If you live in a dry area, then you find yourself in the exactly opposite situation. A humidifier could help you improve the level of humidity in your house. If you live in an area where the seasonal peaks make the humidity range fluctuate greatly, then you will probably need a humidifier and a dehumidifier as well. To have a much better control over the level of humidity in your house, you can use an infrared heater which helps you reduce the amount of water vapors in a very small space. For example if you spill something on the carpet you can make it dry itself faster by pointing the infrared heater towards the wet carpet area. The great thing is that these appliances come in a wide variety of shapes, so that it is impossible to not find a model suitable for a certain living room interior design.

The Bestek 150ml wireless compact mini dehumidifier for cabinets, closets or small rooms looks like a good choice for small spaces. If you are looking for a small but efficient dehumidifier, you can try the Eva-dry Electric Petite Portable Dehumidifier. There are many reviews from happy customers who say that it’s an efficient, silent device and that it works perfectly for small rooms. It’s a good deal for its price and its features. On the market there are also dehumidifiers of a larger capacity that may be used for bigger rooms and that have a bigger water collection bucket. For example many people seem to be satisfied with the Frigidaire Energy Star Dehumidifier which is available in three different versions, depending on each one’s dehumidification speed. The price differs too, the more efficient the device is, the more expensive it will be. Any dehumidifier you may chose, for sure you can find one that will match your living room interior design.

As for the humidifier category, you also have many options available. They are smaller and they blend so well with the interior design of a room that it is even more difficult to spot them. Given the fact that humidifiers can be found in a larger variety of types and models, you have the opportunity to find one that will blend well with the interior design of your room. A good choice would be the Pursonic Ultrasonic Humidifier which is “Not just a humidifier but a piece of Art!” according to the product’s description. Other great choices would be the Air-O-Swiss humidifiers because they look very hi-tech and they could match any living room interior design.

As for the infrared heaters category there are even more choices available on the market. You can find some great heaters from brands such as LifeSmart, Comfort Smart or DeLonghi. For the same power capacity, they all can do almost the same thing. The price difference comes from the different designs that they have.

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