Elegant Wood Finishes for a Zen Interior Design Style

When you’re planning the arrangement of a room you must consider what design style you’d like to use for that room. A great choice would be to use the zen interior design style. It inspires calm, harmony, coziness and it’s appropriate for all types of rooms in your house, no matter their size or their utility.

The zen interior design style is characterized by warm tone colors, light balanced contrasts and close to the ground furniture. There are a lot of wood finishes incorporated in the zen objects. The wood finishes may be dark, medium or light colored. It’s advisable to use light or medium tone colors in small areas because the principles of colorimetry still apply no matter the design style you may choose for a room. Arranging a bathroom or a kitchen in a zen style is more challenging than arranging a living room in a zen design style. The elegant wood finishes are always present, that’s why you should try to incorporate them as much as you can and even combine them with stones, green flowers and illuminating systems that create highlights.

If you would like to apply the zen interior design style in a bathroom, try to use the same type of lines, style and pattern for the sink, bathtub or cupboards. If you decide over the bathtub option then choose a big round and curvy one. If the option of having a shower cabin appeals to you more then choose an open space one. The more open it is, the better. Furthermore, try to decorate with big round stones and green plants in order to achieve a closer to nature look.

For the kitchen area try to stick to the open space furniture with no encrusted details but rather with repetitive wood patterns. The decoration of the walls plays a very important role so maybe you should also consider the option of attaching on them some elegant wood finished decorative elements. All the appliances must stay masked. You can use custom panels with elegant wood finish for the your dishwasher or your refrigerator. All the other portable appliances such as toasters or coffee makers must stay hidden in the cupboards. You may think that this way they will become less functional or less within reach. The zen style is an appearance and mood style, it doesn’t have to become a functional style also. The rest of the appliances in the kitchen could be hidden in a drawer that’s easy to open and which can turn into a second countertop whenever it is needed.

For decorating the living room you have so much freedom for choosing the modality in which to achieve the zen design style. Keep it light, clear and in neutral colors with short furniture and everything will be alright.

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