How to Achieve a Charming Small Patio Design that You Can Enjoy all Year Round

The patio can be a wonderful space for relaxing or for enjoying some quality time with your family. A lot of people are under the impression that decoration this space is all about buying some decent patio furniture and that once you see the first snowflakes, you can say goodbye to spending time on the patio. However, with some clever design and functionality ideas, you can create a lovely patio that you can enjoy all year round.

Functionality above anything else

For the small areas it’s the best if the patio seating is placed in a corner along the perimeter of this space. Functionality is the main idea so it would be good if you used some multipurpose furnishings. A clever creative idea for a small patio design would be a stone table that hides two compartments: one with a drink cooler and another one with a fire pit. The fire pit will warm your winter days and the drink cooler will cool your summer afternoons. Save a little area for a small functional outdoor kitchen. The presence of a little refrigerator, a stove and a grill will animate the parties in your patio for sure. Another great detail regarding the table and the chairs is that whichever size or architectural style you may choose for them, try to buy some chairs that have their own removable cushion. This way you can avoid letting them get wet by storing them in your house during the cold season.

Roof and lightening options

As for the ceiling you have the option to use an umbrella which can provide shade during the summer time. Another option would be to build a wooden rustic gap roof that is compatible with a waterproof cover. A contractor can help explain why that is a good option. Although it may cost a little more than an umbrella, the wooden roof is more resistant on a long term basis and it will return its value in time. Besides, the pillars for the roof can offer you support for hanging some romantic decorative string lights. The more they are, the cozier the atmosphere will be. Pay attention to the lighting of your patio, the contrast between the highlights and the shades can help you create a more dramatic look for your small patio design.


Bring as many green flowers as you like and put them all around the place. Tall trees and lush greens provide privacy along the fence while little green flowers used as decorative objects create a cozier atmosphere. It’s such a nice and relaxing feeling when you can hear the sound of a little river right near your home. Investing in a stone fountain can bring you many blissful peaceful moments. It’s also important to know that in order to achieve a great small patio design you must try to avoid dark colors and choose light colors instead. You can combine some warm colors such as shades of brown, cream, light red or wood patterns.

Winter solutions

You can let the pillars of the roof to serve also as a support for the outdoor heating sources that are so much appreciated in the chilly days. The most functional and efficient option that you have for the outdoor heating of a small patio would be mountable infrared heaters. If they have an adjustable angle feature it’s even better. This way it won’t matter if they are placed on vertical or horizontal surfaces.

If you have a large patio and you live in an area with heavy winter snowfalls, you are probably not very fond of the prospect of clearing the snow that gathers on your patio. In order to make this prospect less troublesome, you can invest in a good snow blower. If you are not familiar with these devices, read some snow blower reviews that will help you pick the right snow blower for your needs. If the patio is the only area in your yard that needs to be cleared of snow, you can make do with a small, electric snow blower. On the other hand, if you also have a driveways and some unpaved sideways, you might want to consider a single stage snow blower that can also handle gravel areas.

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