How to Maintain the Hardwood Furniture of Your Classic Interior

We present to you some pieces of advice that will help you maintain the look of your hardwood furniture. In order to look at its best, the classic interior furniture must be regularly cleaned and waxed. You can do the cleaning with special mixes designed especially for wood furniture. Do not try to improvise a homemade furniture cleaning mixture without informing yourself about the possible damages that the ingredients may cause to the furniture. If you really want to use a homemade recipe for cleaning wood then listen to the experts. You can combine equal parts of strained lemon juice, denatured alcohol, olive oil and gum turpentine. If you don’t have this kind of products at home, using simple water will do fine as well. It’s better using a bit of water to regularly clean your furniture than cleaning it once in a while with a special furniture detergent. It’s important to clean your furniture more often because this way the airborne deposits that build up in a filmy layer will not scratch the surface and will help prolong the furniture sheen. After cleaning your furniture with a damp cloth make sure that you also clean it with another dry cloth. In order to protect the finish, the second step after cleaning is waxing the furniture. You must apply a thin layer of good-quality soft paste wax. Fallow the instructions on the label about how thin the layer must be. Wait 5 minutes and then buff lightly with a soft cloth. After an hour buff the furniture again. These are the two essential steps that help you maintain a classic interior immaculate furniture.

In order to protect the continuous sheen of your wooden furniture you must not place wet or hot objects directly on it. You can get rid of the white hazy ring or spot that the hot coffee mug made on your table. You can place a hot towel or cloth over the spot that you need to clean and iron it slowly for about 10 to 20 seconds at a time with the iron at a medium setting. You can turn the iron up a bit if needed. Always keep the iron moving and check your progress frequently. You must take care of your furniture and not let it be exposed for a long period of time to daily direct sunlight, otherwise after a while you might notice some lighter spots on the furniture. You can avoid this damage by using window coverings or even beautiful tablecloths that will match with your classic interior design.

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