Infrared Fireplace Heaters for Rustic Interior Design Ideas

Have you ever considered investing in a heating solution that will save you money on a long term? Have you always wished of having a fireplace in your house? Now you don’t have to spend money on something decorative; you can have your own fireplace that will help you reduce your heating bills. Infrared heaters provide efficient heating, they transfer 80% of their heating power to the objects in the room and they allow very little energy to get wasted. There are different kinds of infrared heaters on the market and if the rustic interior design ideas appeal to you then here are some great options that you could take into consideration.

The Regal Electric Fireplace Heater has a stunning classical design with an ultra-realistic flame and mesh doors. Its size is 22” x 23” x 11”. Because it has a curved round front, it will look best if it’s placed in the center of the wall. It also comes with a couple of settings such as flame adjustment and temperature control. Also it has a front lattice which makes the image of the fireplace look more realistic. You can find it on sale for 199$ on Amazon. Its elegant design will surely allow you to combine it with your rustic home decorating ideas.

If you are looking for something cheaper, the Duraflame large stove heater DFS-750-1 has a good customer review score, its size is almost 15” x 25” x 27” and it weights about 30 pounds. You can adjust the height of the flame and the temperature. It’s a quiet heater and it costs only 150$. It has a rectangular shape which makes it very compact. It looks great in any corner of the room you placed it in.

The Dimplex DFI2309 Electric Fireplace Insert is one of the greatest infrared heaters for rustic home decorating ideas, especially if you plan to build it inside a wall. We must say that it looks very realistic with its pieces of burning logs. It has a lower electric capacity which it translated into a slightly lower heating capacity, but it still looks great and it comes with a remote control with which it can be turned on and off. The power cord is 6 feet long so you can have a lot of flexibility when it comes to hiding the infrared fireplace and making it reach a socket.
An infrared fireplace heater is a great choice of functional furniture that will warm you in the chilly days and that will give your room a romantic look. It will match for sure with your rustic interior design ideas. You just have to be careful for the heating power capacity to be enough for the dimensions of the room where you wish to install your fireplace. The greatest infrared heaters come with remote controls which allow you to maintain a steady temperature with ease.

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