Protect Your Hardwood Shabby Chic Furniture with a Humidifier

When do you know there is too little or too much moisture in your home? You can consult a hygrometer and you will know exactly what level of humidity a certain room has. A hygrometer is a device that doesn’t modify the physical parameters in the room, it just offers information.

Wood is very sensitive to heat, cold and especially humidity. When the environment is too dry, the wood will shrink, split or crack. The same thing happens in case of excess heat. The furniture is always changing its shape contracting or expanding depending on the level of humidity in that room.

Wood does best in moderate conditions of temperature and humidity. It is very bad for a shabby chic piece of furniture to endure a drastic change in the air’s humidity level. Worse than a major change in the humidity level is a little yet sudden change in the level of moisture in the room where the furniture is deposited. It means that any change that may occur has less impact if it occurs gradually. This is the reason why it’s advisable to place the furniture away from the heat sources, so they will have time to adjust to the new temperature. That’s why if there is the need for the furniture to be stored, it will preserve itself better in an uniform, tempered environment because the humidity will not fluctuate that much.

The best solution to help protect your furniture over time and the seasonal changes would be to add humidifiers to the heating or central air conditioning system, for no matter the temperature, the level of humidity has to stay the same. This means that in the summer even if it’s hot outside and the air conditioning system is turned on, blowing cold air inside the room, the level of humidity in that room will be lower than during the winter and the humidifier will work more intensively than during the winter. No matter the air temperature of the air conditioning system, a humidifier connected to the central heating system will balance in real time the humidity level in the house and will help you protect the beauty of your furniture. Having an air conditioning system can only help you lower the level of moisture in one room. In order to have a good control over the level of humidity and to be able to rise it as you like and as you need, you will have to own a special system, a humidifier which can be turned on, turned off or make it intensify the humidification process.

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