Reasons why a Whole House Water Filter is One of the Best Home Improvement Ideas

Did you know that if you drink clean filtered water your overall health will improve and your body will be able to better protect itself against diseases? Also the risk of gastrointestinal diseases will be reduced by more than 33 percent since the filter removes cryptosporidium and giardia from the drinking water. You will have many long term health benefits if you drink filtered water instead of bottled water or tap water. In regards to the filtering systems available on the market, you need to know that there are several different types.
There are some filtering water systems that once they are installed under the sink they are able to transform one faucet into a practically endless filtered water source maintaining the same water flow. Other systems called countertop filtering water systems need to be attached directly to the faucet of the sink, which in some cases may limit the water flow. There also is a third category of water filters which represents a whole house water filtration solution. They deliver chemical-free water to every faucet of your home.

Having installed a whole house water filtration system will bring benefits to your hair and skin too. Every time you will take a bath the exterior of your body will get cleaned without absorbing the chemicals in the process. Studies have shown that our bodies absorb 100 times more chlorine and chemicals in a 10 minute shower than from drinking the same unfiltered tap water. The President’s Cancer Panel stated that using a whole house water filtration system is one of the most important things that you can do to protect yourself from developing cancer. So, drinking unfiltered water is bad but washing with unfiltered water is 100 times much worse. They say your appearance will improve also. Some customers wrote some reviews that washing their hair with filtered water made their hair color last significantly longer and it did not look that dull nor dry anymore. The presence of the skin rashes and the appearance of the wrinkles will also be reduced. The skin will feel and look better too because it will be more hydrated. Some of the whole house water filters available on the market will preserve the healthy elements in the water such as calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium.
Some whole house water filters empty the water of absolutely all the elements in it. However, the┬ábest whole house water filter system models just take out the bad things from it and leave the good things untouched. If you think about it, in a funny way, maybe soaking while taking a longer bath will be the equivalent of swallowing a calcium supplement pill. Furthermore, before investing in such a product check out some reviews. You will be surprised to see that the best whole house water filter system doesn’t have to be the most expensive one.

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