Senior Home Improvements for Your Aging Parents

If your aging parents are moving in with you or, on the contrary, they will have to start living alone in their houses, you should consider adapting the house to their needs and skills, as elders have less mobility and visibility and may experience difficulties in walking, climbing the stairs or grabbing things. If you want to make sure your parents are safe and sound, here are some things you should do inside the house for them to feel comfortable.

Install them in safe and comfortable bedrooms

After deciding where they will stay and sleep, make sure the environment is appropriate for them. Consider installing a lower bed so that they will not have problems getting in and out of it, take any cables and wires from their path, assure plenty of light in the room and avoid things that might hurt them, like sharp furniture edges and slippery surfaces. It is best that you install your senior parents in a room placed at the same floor with the bathroom and kitchen in order to avoid having them to climb the stairs.

Help them climb the stairs with the help of a stairlift

However, if it is not possible to place them on the same floor as the bathroom and kitchen, you can install a useful stair-lift, which is a mechanical device that helps people with disabilities climb stairs and move from one floor to another without pain and any risk of accidents. The stairlift can contain either a chair for persons who can walk or a platform to transport wheelchairs for immobilized persons. The top rated stairlifts are very easy to maneuver. Some of them even feature control stations or remote controls, so that they can be used by more than one person.

Assure safety in the bathroom and kitchen

The bathroom and the kitchen are places where your parents could easily get hurt, therefore, make sure you fix any problem existing there, like leaking pipes that may produce water on the floors, ramshackle handles or too high cabinets. Place in reach the things they use the most in order to avoid stretching or climbing on chairs to reach something, consider installing handrails near the toilet and tub to help them bend and get in and out easier, and even consider changing the tub with a walk-in one that is much more comfortable. Also, make sure you place non-slipping rugs and rubbers mats near the sinks and replace the rotating faucets with grip handles.

Help your aging parents move around with a mobility scooter

Another great help for your aging parents is the mobility scooter, a helpful machine that helps them move from one place to another, go to the market and move around the yard and garden without any effort or pain. The mobility scooter is perfect for both immobilized and partially disabled people, but also for those who can walk, but only on small distances and who feel pain and discomfort in moving. Make sure you install platforms at the entrances to help them get in the yard or even inside the house, and choose the best mobility scooter, one with extra features like a carrying basket for groceries, storage place for the crutches and a cover for rainy days. The best mobility scooter should be compact enough in order to allow your parents to navigate even narrow space. If your parents are completely unable to move around on their own, make sure to adjust the indoor space for the use of he mobility scooter. Remove or secure the carpets and take unnecessary objects out of their way.

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