Change Your Kitchen’s Design by Embellishing Your Appliances with Magnetic Art Covers

Nowadays it’s very easy to make your kitchen more welcoming than ever. There are some tricks that you can do so that your kitchen will look very updated to any seasonal holiday or special family event.

On you can find some cute art covers for many of your kitchen appliances. For about 40$ you can buy a magnetic art cover of the size of a dishwasher front, of 24” x 26”. You may cut it as you like in order for it to fit your home dishwasher. Furthermore, for about 70$ to 90$ you can buy a magnetic art cover big enough to cover even the front of your refrigerator. This is a very nice option to be taken into consideration especially when your kitchen is decorated in a special particular style or when it has some patterns, some motifs or some colors that repeat themselves creating a customized theme.If you read the best refrigerator reviews, you will see that design choices are still limited for this type of appliances. Even if you find a refrigerator with a unique design, chances are it will be so expensive that you wont afford it. Therefore, you can focus on efficiency when reading the best refrigerator reviews and take care of the design part with a cheaper alternative.

If you feel like your kitchen appearance could be improved if you bought some magnetic cover, then go for it. This way, you will be able to create a more fun and cozier atmosphere. The best part is that the covers are magnetic and that when you get bored with one, you can replace it with another one. It’s very convenient since you don’t have to pay money every time you want to change your dishwasher’s finish.
You have a wide variety of choices for the patterns of the magnetic art covers. It will be practically impossible not to find one to your liking. Aside from the special themes appropriate for the seasonal holidays such as Christmas and Easter, you can also find other cute themes that could fit in any kitchen and on any dishwasher, no matter the brand or the size.
If you are a dog lover, then some nice animal related covers would probably work for you wonderfully. There are some covers with a Dog House, a Fire House Dog, a Terrier or a cute Dog Square pattern with some paws, bones and dog food. If you would like something more versatile and romantic you have the option to transform your dishwasher front into a painting. Chose wisely among the different magnetic covers available on Gingerbread Men, Girlfriends in Paris, Geraniums, Chef at Trattoria, Sunflowers, Apple Harvest, Calla Lillies, Tea Time, Pears in Bowl, Tuscan Grapes, Thessalonians. The main point is to try to match the lighting, the dominant colors and the personality of your kitchen with the prevalent colors of the covers on your dishwasher or refrigerator. There are some interesting magnetic covers on too so have fun choosing the one or the ones that you like the most.

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