Upgrade Your Home – Smart Technology to Save Your Cash

Adjusting your house to the new technologies is a matter of comfort, but it can also mean lower utility bills. Modern devices are better equipped to deal with tasks and come with many smart functions and features, designed to ease our lives. Furthermore, they are optimized to consume the minimum of electricity and reduce the waste of fuel, water or energy.

The investment is consistent and you will have to pay some serious money if you are looking to upgrade your house. However, we guarantee that if you choose one or more of the following technologies, it won’t take long until it pays off.

1. Smart Water Filtering

Today, water filters are almost indispensable for a big part of American households, especially if the users live in highly-polluted areas or struggle with the phenomenon called “hard water”. If this is your case, it means that you need to pay great attention to every water source, being it the shower, the sink, or the conduct that feeds water into your washing machine.

You could choose to install water filters at any of these ends, but the truly smart solution would be to buy a whole house water filter that can help you filter the water at the primary source. This way, you will reduce the number of filter sets that need to be changed to one and save money. Furthermore, your energy will be saved as well, as you won’t have to constantly run around the house to check and replace run-out filters.

2. Smart Lighting

How much energy could a bulb consume? When it comes to comparing traditional lighting with smart light bulbs, we would say a lot. Although the second option is considerably more expensive, with prices starting at $10 and going up to $60 or even more, its efficiency is exponentially higher than in the case of the second variant. Plus, smart bulbs have a longer lifespan, therefore you will have to replace them only once in a while. Not to mention that today, you can control them through apps or voice commands, with a little help from Alexa or Siri.

3. Smart Thermostats

The times when you were struggling to maintain an optimal temperature in your house are now long gone, as most of the heating devices include a digital thermostat. The costs have been considerably lowered by these gadgets and they kept improving constantly.

Today, you can choose a smart thermostat for your house, which will not only activate your heating or cooling source when the value drops under or elevates over the given parameter, but will allow you to have full control over it through an app. It can send you reminders for system maintenance, filter replacement or information on your power consumption, thus helping you keep your system in good shape and avoid supplementary repair costs.

4. Smart Sprinklers

This acquisition will completely change the way you water your lawn or keep your back garden hydrated. And we are not talking only about the water savings that you can make, but about the way these devices approach plant watering. Easy-controllable through apps, they can predict and even sense when it is raining, so you will never see a smart sprinkler turning itself on if rain is pouring off the sky.

Moreover, they are programmable, so you will be able to easily set an hourly schedule and make sure your plants are properly watered. Voice control is possible as well through Alexa and Siri. Plus, you won’t ever have to leave your chair and cold beer to turn them on or off.

5. Smart Leak Detectors

They might or might not save you money. If a leakage never occurs, you will remain with a device that never paid off its money, a sum that can vary between $35 and $50. But stop for a moment and think how much money it could save if leakage occurred. Thousands, tens of thousands or more?

This little device connects to your phone, usually through an app, and notifies you every time it detects an unusual level of water in your house. Furthermore, most of them sound a loud alarm as well, so your neighbors can hear them and take action if you are not at home.

6. Smart Power Strips

How many times have you left the house or went to sleep and forgot to unplug your laptop, printer or plasma TV? These remain connected to the power strip and increase your power bill with 5 up to 10 percent. This is why some people call them “electronic vampires”, as they drain out supplementary electrical energy and increase your carbon output as well.

Their modern variant, the smart power strips, on the other hand, are designed to cut off power every time a device enters sleep mode, thus preventing energy waste.


Although the savings are visible for every technology in part, you will notice a huge difference if you choose to implement them all. Plus, your comfort will be considerably increased and you will be able to help save the planet by wasting less water, energy, and other essential resources.